If you would like to volunteer, please contact Willy or Rachel Fontanez, at Lagumboyaya@yahoo.com

If you own a food truck and would like to join our Coalition, please Contact Willy or Rachel at Lagumboyaya@yahoo.com

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History of our group

Loving from the begining 

La Gumbo Ya Ya Food Truck owners William and Rachel Fontanez started a suspended meal program on their truck 4 years ago and in 2014 decided to celebrate national Gumbo day by having a food truck festival for the homeless.  Long story short, what started as a simple day of serving Gumbo has turned into a monthly event where almost 20 different Gourmet Food Trucks participate. (5 at a time on rotation).

Active Members

La Gumbo Ya Ya                     405-226-0746   
The Flying Pig BBQ                405-728-7675

Smokin Okies BBQ                 405-305-4768   
The Sugar Shack                    405- 850-7870
The Healthy Hippo                  405-585-7486
Chef Ray's Street Eats            405-410-7767

The Crepe Brewers                 405-812-0463
The Saucee Sicilian                 405-412-0789 
I don't know and I don't care    405-699-1960
Murphy's Cook Shack              405-990-1618
St Paddy Cakes                       405-226-3152

Blue Donkey                            405-434-5172

A Latte Love                            405-812-7298

Tornado Galley                        405-226-0746

The Fried Taco                        405-439-0271

Filipino Fusion                         405-219-5452


those in need

Our Mission


through kindness

The Oklahoma Christian Food Truck Coalition


for peace

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The Oklahoma Christian Food Truck Coalition is a group of Food Truck operators that come together for the purpose of serving the community of Oklahoma City through various charitable works.  


For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in.
             Matthew 25:35

Food Trucks with Purpose